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Game of Thrones Malta – A Hollywood in the Meditteranean

Game of Thrones Malta Verdala Palace

Malta is a European country that is comprised of a group of islands in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Its exact position is between the coast of North Africa and the Italian island of Sicily. If you’re a fan of the popular medieval fantasy television show Game of Thrones, then you might be interested to know that many of its best scenes were filmed in Malta. There are even Game of Thrones Malta tours that take place on a regular basis. It gives travelers and fans of the show a chance to see these iconic locations up close.

The “City Sightseeing Malta” tour starts in a town called Bugibba. A bus will then take tourists to different areas of the island where they can see their favorite locations from Game of Thrones. Other historical references of the island will be pointed out as well.   

Top 5 Game of Thrones Malta tourist locations:

1) Mdina

Mdina is an ancient city with fortified walls from the medieval era. It was also Malta’s original capital city. With more than 4,000 years of history in this city, it is the perfect location to film a show like Game of Thrones. There are two areas of Mdina to look out for. The first is the city gate because this is where Ned Stark sends Catelyn away and bids her farewell. The second is Mesquita Square, which you might remember from season one as the place where Ned’s people fight Jamie Lannister and lose.

Game of Thrones Malta - Mdina

Above: Game of Thrones Travel – Mdina Gate

2) Saint Dominic Convent

The Saint Dominic Convent is in the coastal town of Rabat. There are two areas of interest here. The first is the St. Agatha Catacombs from thousands of years ago. The Romans used these catacombs to bury dead bodies because they didn’t want them stinking up the city of Mdina. Second, of course, was the beautiful garden scene from Game of Thrones where Ned threatens to expose Cersei’s secret regarding her children’s real parentage.

3) Fort Manoel

The Order of Saint John constructed this military fortification in the 1700s. It is located in the town of Gzira on Manoel Island. The locals believe that a Black Knight haunts the fort and will attack anyone who damages the property there. You can see why this would be a great place to film scenes from Game of Thrones. In season one, Fort Manoel served as the place of the surprising scene in which Ned Stark gets decapitated. The Sept of Baelor will also be quite noticeable from the outside.   

Game of Thrones Malta

4) The Azure Window

The Azure Window was a natural arch formation on Gozo island that is approximately 28 meters in height. Even if you are not a fan of Game of Thrones, the beauty of this arch is bound to captivate you. However, fans of the show will remember this arch very well because it was where Khal Drogo married Daenerys Targaryen. The Azure Window is a truly national landmark of Malta and it has always attracted tourists for many years. Unfortunately, was in very bad shape because of the erosion caused by the wind and tides, and it completely collapsed in March 2017. You might want to read about saying goodbye to a Game of Thrones film location! You can still visit the place where the Dothraki wedding took place, it will just look a little different now!

Azure Window

Above: Game of Thrones Malta – What the Azure Window looked like before it’s collapse in 2017

5) Verdala Palace

Malta does not have too many woodland locations, but the Buskett Gardens is one of them. This is where you will find the grounds of the Verdala Palace. The President of Malta actually uses this palace as a summer home. In Game of Thrones, the palace was used as the house of Illyrio Mopatis in the very first episode of the series. The structure is more than 400 years old and makes the perfect setting for any medieval story.

Verdala Palace

Above: Game of Thrones Malta – Verdala Palace

While you are staying on the island of Malta, I also recommend that you visit some of the ancient temples such as Hagar Qim. Maltese history is fascinating and dates all the way back to the stone age.

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