Girona Game of Thrones Locations

Located about 100km North of Barcelona, the monumental Spanish city of Girona is a must for any Game of Thrones fan. Geek out by exploring the city that doubles up as Kings Landing, Braavos and Old Town. Most travellers will agree that it is worth spending at least three or four days in Girona. However, it is possible to see all of the Game of Thrones locations in just a day.

Girona Game of Thrones film set – How to get there and Travel Tips

The easiest way to get to Girona is to fly straight in to Girona Costa Brava airport, approximately 12km South West of the city. Buses run from Girona airport to Girona city centre. The journey is 20 mins and costs just under 3 EURO (see here). There are also buses that run from Barcelona to Girona.

You can use Spanish in Girona, but as it is in Catalonia, expect to also hear some Catalan. There is a tourist office near Placa Catalunya on the river, so you can go there to get a map and advice. The city is small and historic. It is most certainly walkable.

Girona Cathedral 

Girona Cathedral was built and standing in at least 1015, when it was in poor condition on account of several conflicts in the area and gradual disrepair. Over the years, it was rebuilt and repaired according to the style choices of the era, with a Romanesque and Gothic aesthetic all being employed at various points. The current facade on the exterior was finished as recently as 1961. In terms of Game of Thrones, the church played host to, and was used as part of King’s Landing, where Jamie Lannister has his cinematic showdown with the High Sparrow. 

Pujada de Sant Domènec

This location is part of Girona ‘Old Town’, and is used for the streets where Arya Stark is blind and begging at the beginning of Season 6. The cobbled streets, churches and fortresses have all been preserved and the city of Braavos has been frequently represented by the winding alleyways inside the old Jewish Quarter. 

Pujada de Sant Domènec

Abbey Sant Pere de Galligants

The abbey is a timeless homage to the past, and is used as the location where the waif, disguised cleverly as an old woman, stabs Arya Stark. Again, this part of Girona is located in the old town, so it’s used as Braavos. Visitors to the site will know that despite there being a bridge between this and the Plaça dels Jurats, there isn’t actually any water here that we see Arya fall into. The Abbey itself was built in the middle of the tenth century, and was initially a religious location. 

Castell de Santa Florentina

In keeping with some of the more conventional builds of the area, this castle was constructed in the 11th century, The castle itself was used in the sixth season for the home of House Tarly, and was known as Horn Hill. When Samwell Tarly (Sam) returns home here during season 6, he is greeted by his mother and his sister. The entire area is stunning, and a real exciting rush for people who are fans of Game of Thrones. 

The Stairs of Sant Marti Sacosta Church

For this scene, you’ll find that the church itself is not the main focus, but instead the stairs. People who’ve watched Game of Thrones will remember that Arya Stark, upon being attacked by the waif, flees along these steps, rolling down a flight of them in her attempt to get away safely. The church itself dates back to the 17th Century at least, and is known for having a highly unique carving on the arch and also a baroque facade which had been incredibly well-preserved. 

Arab Baths

One of the final and most influential filming locations for Girona are the Arab Baths. These were built around the 12th Century, and serve as a representation of the typical structure of Muslim baths. Fans of the series will know this area best as one of the places that Arya finds herself in Season 6 while she is attempting to hide and escape from the Waif. 

Girona Game of Thrones - Arab Baths

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