Doune Castle Game of Thrones

Doune Castle Game of Thrones

Doune Castle, Scotland – A Guide

Game of Thrones enthusiasts will note that many famous locations all around the world have served as the inspiration for many locales within the show. Today we are going to explore the Doune Castle Game of Thrones filming location – the only place used for GOT filming in Scotland.

Doune Castle in Scotland has a unique tie to the GOT universe. If you are thinking about visiting it as part of your travels, we invite you to read on, in an attempt to gain an understanding of what makes this such a desirable place to visit.

Your Guide to Doune

You may be wondering what connection this castle has to the iconic TV show. Some of the more devoted fans among our readers may already know that this serves as the majestic location of Winterfell. As the ancestral home of the Stark family, many key scenes have taken place within these walls. Within the show, ownership of the castle was passed between many different people, and often played an integral role when it came to the various power struggles which drove the story forward. It has also been the site of other films and television, such as segments of Monty Python and Outlander. 

However, the importance of the castle in the confines of Game of Thrones cannot be disputed. In the second season, both the North and the Riverlands declared themselves to be an independent kingdom, and Winterfell is decided to be the agreed capital of this new land. This is just one example of its importance.

Visiting Doune Castle Game of Thrones

In reality, this is a very desirable location to visit. It will cost you £5.50 to enter, but this grant you access to a large portion of the castle, with the incredible architecture on full display. You can book online here.

It will take you between 10 and 15 minutes to reach the castle from the local area of Doune, and the bus fares will range between £2 and £4. However, this travel time and small cost is more than worth it to be able to see all of the different features which make this castle such an iconic filming location. From Stirling it takes around 35 minutes.

To be able to visit the place where the famous “ your mother was a hamster…” scene is truly an unforgettable experience. Even without the lure of film and television, there are many rooms filled with antique items, and a tangible history which can be felt in every brick and every corridor. 

For those who wish for a truly a massive experience while exploring the castle, there is an audio guide. You will be able to hear many tales about the different films and television series which have been shot in the castle, as well as get a detailed exclamation of some of the different historical events which have transpired within these walls. It is considered to be the definitive way to experience the castle, and many have left with a renewed appreciation for both the history and the architecture of the building. 

There are also several tours from Edinburgh that include Doune Castle Game of Thrones and Outlander filming location.

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