Welcome to the Game of Thrones travel blog and booking engine. We specialise in tours of the Game of Thrones film sets and search the market for the best tours. We were inspired to write this blog after a visit to Morocco where we saw the filming sites of Yunkai and Astapor. The year that followed we took an amazing Game of Thrones tour of Iceland to see visit beyond the wall! And so, Game of Thrones Travel was born!

Some of the most popular destinations include Spain, Northern Ireland, Malta and Croatia. Malta was King’s landing before the film crew discovered Croatia. Spain is home to the Tower of Joy (Zafra Castle), the Dothraki Sea and Dorne, the most Southerly kingdom of Westeros.

Game of Thrones travel Spain Zafra

We are affiliated with Viator, a TripAdvisor partner company, who we have found to be one of the best providers of GoT tours. We also partner with booking.com who we believe to be the best hotel booking engine online. Gaining affiliate commissions from our partners helps us to run this blog and get the information to you for free.


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