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From the Wildling Camp and beyond the wall in Iceland, to Kings Landing in Dubrovnik, we bring to you the best of the Game of Thrones travel destinations.

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Game of Thrones Croatia Tours

The HBO original series Game of Thrones was filmed in several exotic locations throughout Europe. The coastal region of Croatia just happened to be one of these locations. There are numerous areas along the Croatian coast where many scenes of Game of Thrones were shot. …

Game of Thrones Malta – A Hollywood in the Meditteranean

Malta is a European country that is comprised of a group of islands in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Its exact position is between the coast of North Africa and the Italian island of Sicily. If you’re a fan of the popular medieval fantasy …

Game of thrones Northern Ireland Tours

Anyone who is a fan of the medieval fantasy series Game of Thrones has probably noticed the many beautiful environments and settings in which the characters on the show interact in. Westeros is the name of the fictional land where the characters reside. You might …