Game of Thrones Christmas Sweater Ideas

Game of Thrones Christmas Sweater

If you are looking for an outfit that is going to be a hit for this festive season, you re in the right place. Get Christmas Jumper ready by buying a Game of Thrones sweater that will undoubtedly be a success and impress your friends!

We will list a bunch of quirky options in a minute. But first, let’s talk about where the Christmas Jumper tradition comes from.

Origin of Christmas Jumper

The roots of this festive favourite tradition date back to the 1890s when warm, thick sweaters, characterised by contrasting bands of geometric patterns were hand knitted in Scandinavia and Iceland to distinguish fishermen from different communities. The reason behind might be that they needed to be identified in case they drowned at sea.

In the 20th century, colourful knitwear with bands of geometric patterns became common between skiers who needed heavy jumpers as much as fishermen.

In the 1960s, Hollywood stars such as Clark Gable, Gary Cooper and Ingrid Bergman gave popularity to jumpers (that could be worn all year round) featuring skiers, alpine trees and snowflakes.

By the 1970s jumpers of the same type were officially associated with Christmas and designers started creating bright patterned jumpers as a festive good.

The popularity of Christmas jumpers in the UK in the 1980s can be attributed to the influence of singers such as Andy Williams and Val Doonican who appeared in their TV Christmas specials, wearing these woolly goods.

Although during the 1990s and 2000s, they were mostly seen as a hand-made Christmas present knitted by an elderly relative and were often hidden at the back of wardrobes.

Christmas Jumpers today

The turning point in our attitude towards this festive good can be most certainly associated with its appearance in the 2001 movie’s Bridget Jones’s Diary. In fact, when Bridget meets Colin Firth (playing Mark Darcy) for the first time, she is horrified by his Christmas jumper featuring a huge reindeer’s face.

It was then, and thanks to Colin Firth, that the Ugly Christmas Sweater craziness officially started with people embracing the jumpers’ hideousness.

Enter the 2010s, high street brands saw an incredible increase in sales with the winter woollies becoming a season must-have.

 In 2012, the charity Save the Children launched an annual Christmas Jumper Day, encouraging people to raise money by wearing their Christmas jumpers on a specific day in December (in 2019 will be on the 13th). Celebrities like Cheryl Cole, Richard Branson, and Matt Damon helped it becoming a mainstream cultural activity and companies and schools started participating in the fundraising.

In the United States, Ugly Christmas Sweater Contests are held annually and an official National Ugly sweater day has been institutionalized with this year seeing it on 20th December.

In the last few years, many retailers offer jumpers with 3D elements, lights and even sound chips and designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry and, Ralph  Lauren weighed in on the trend too, designing Christmas jumpers worth almost a thousand pounds.

Game of Thrones Christmas Sweater

Either you are participating to an ugly Christmas sweater party or you are wearing your jumper on Christmas jumper day, the following outfits are the top choices for all the Game of Thrones fans out there.

#1 Let It Snow, Jon Snow

The first black sweater we are presenting is unisex and features the celebrated GoT character, Jon Snow, wearing a Christmas hat. There is snow in the background and a band of dire wolves (the sigil of the Stark family) in the middle. Christmas trees and three-headed red dragons (Targaryen House’s sigil) appear in the top part. And it’s all topped off with lions (the sigil of the Lannister family), Krakens (House Greyjoy’s sigil) and white crescent moons with falcons (House Arryn’s sigil) at the bottom.

Buy it on Amazon.   

#2 Christmas is Coming GoT

The red print of this unisex, black Game of Thrones Ugly Christmas sweater reads “Christmas is Coming” where clearly the word “Winter” of the TV series’s famous motto has been replaced by the word “Christmas”.  The sweater features also bands of snowy Christmas trees and flakes at the top and at the bottom. A big dire wolf’s head, the sigil of The Stark House, in the centre, and in the background, howling, white wolves along with the usual snowflakes.

Buy it on Amazon.

#3 Ho Ho Hodor

You can buy this unisex sweatshirt in black, pink, green or red and in different sizes too. The print is entirely white except for the red Christmas hat on the simpleminded servant of House Stark’s head. On top, a band of Christmas trees and flakes along with the “Ho, Ho, Hodor” inscription. Everything is crowned by snowflakes, Stags (the sigil of the House Baratheon), the traditional dire wolves and a geometric pattern ban at the bottom.

Buy it on Amazon.

#4 All I Want for Christmas is Snow

As you might expect, the main character of this soft sweatshirt is Khaleesi. Available in black, forest green, Irish green and red and in different sizes too, it features snowflakes, red baby dragons, and Christmas hats in the background. Right in the middle, there is the beautiful queen’s face wearing the usual Christmas hat, and the inscription: “All I Want for Christmas is Snow”!

Buy it on Amazon.

#5 I Drink and I Know Things

Tyrion Lannister’s iconic line “That’s what I do, I drink and I know things” is the main theme of this black Game of Thrones Christmas sweater, where the letters ‘i’ of the inscription are replaced by a bottle and a glass of red wine. All is completed with white snowflakes and red lions, the sigil of Tyrion’s family, in the background. At the bottom, a band of green Christmas trees alternating with big snowflakes.

Buy it on Amazon.

#6 Winter is Here

This crewneck sweatshirt comes in several colours: the classic black, dark green, dark heather, maroon and navy. It features a quite linear white print with the classic bands of trees and snowflakes at the bottom and at the top. A dire wolf and a dragon appear right in the middle together with the inscription reading: “Winter is Here” clearly recalling the most famous GoT’s motto: “Winter is coming”.

Buy it on Amazon.

7. Walk of Shame

 The red and white design printed on this sweatshirt shows two ringing bells and the inscription: ‘SHAME’ in the upper part. The term ‘SHAME’ is then repeated in the three lines below, three times, clearly referring to one of the most unforgettable episodes of the series. As you all remember, in it, Cersei Lannister, who had been imprisoned by the violent religious group The Sparrows, is “freed” — but before that, she paraded through the streets where people shouted at her “Shame! Shame! Shame!” over and over. The sweatshirt can be worn by ladies and gents too, as is available in different sizes and colours, such as black, forest green, green, red and royal blue.

Buy it on Amazon.

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