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Lake Myvatn Game of Thrones Travel Iceland

Everyone has heard about Game of Thrones, but for those who are hard core fans, taking a Game of Thrones tour could be the icing on the cake! The show is full of mystery and intrigue but experiencing the show in a completely unique way by visiting a filming location can take fans to a whole new level.

1. Game of Thrones Tour in Split

This is a 3.5 hour Game of Thrones tour of Split and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Begin at the fortress of Klis where you will be able to see and feel what the shows ‘City of Meereen’ is really like. Here you will be able to appreciate the amazing views of the Adriatic before heading to Diocletian’s Palace. Several scenes in Season 4 were filmed here, enabling you to walk the same path as Daenery. Finally, head down to the cellars where you eerie setting will take you back to how it felt to be one of the slaves working with the Unsullied Army and Grey Worm to defeat their leaders.

Game of Thrones Tour Split

2. Filming Locations Tour in Malta

This tour offers you a full day tour where you can immerse yourself into the shows locations. There is something special that comes with this tour and that is the fact that the guides are two actors from the show, providing a real insight into the hit show as well as behind-the-scenes gossip. You will be able to explore King’s Landing, the Red Keep and as well as countryside locations such as Mdina and Rabat.

3. Game of Thrones Walking Tour in Seville

Explore the Game of Thrones locations in Seville by foot on this two hour tour. You will understand why Seville was chosen as the backdrop for the show and then head to Seville Cathedral before heading inside the Unesco-protected Alcazar of Seville – a palace that was known as they the Water Gardens of Dorne, the home of House Martell from the fifth Series. Here you will be informed as to how the tile-coated rooms were altered to fit in with the shows requirements to become the home of Prince Oberyn Martell, the ruler of the Kingdom of Dorne. Learn about how the show was filmed and understand how the pools were altered so that they became a vivid turquoise for filming.

Game of thrones tour seville

4. Game of Thrones Walking tour of Girona

Learn how the streets of Girona were transformed into the amazing scenes seen in Season six and feel the words of Jon Snow float around you. Follow your guide as you weave through the meandering alleyway of the Jewish Quarter. The streets of Claveria and Sant Llorenc will evoke memories of Braavos while the barracks look of the German Headquarters will give you an insight into some of the Game of Thrones battle scenes. Take in Carrer Ferran el Catolic which is an ancient Arabian bathing complex and then a trip to Placa dels Jurats to take in the Monestary of Sant Pere de Galligans, rounding off the trip by taking in the Church of Sant Feliu.

5. Game of Thrones Tour of Reykjavik

For any Game of Thrones fan, a trip to Reykjavik will conjure up memories of the hit show. An expert guide will take the tour and will show you the many famous locations that have been seen in the show. You will be able to take in the area that the White Walkers inhabited at Thingvellir National Park which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will also visit the amazing Lake Thingvallavatn while stories based around George R. R Martin’s ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ Novels will certainly get your Game of Thrones juices flowing.

6. Private Game of Thrones Tour “North of the Wall” Locations and Lake Myvatn

If you are a diehard fan then this is the tour for you. A private guide will take you on a full day tour that is filled with everything you could wish for. You will take in the harsh yet spectacular scenery that inspired the producers of the show, while you will be able to head north of the Wall where the Wildlings and White Walkers lived. Following this, you will head to vital filming sites which includes a lava field near Kálfaströnd which is the setting of Castle Black. This is a tour that gets you into the heart of the show.

Lake Myvatn Game of Thrones Travel Iceland

7. Private Game of Thrones Tour – Giants Causeway

If the show left you amazed at the scenery and settings then this private Game of Thrones tour is for you. Learn even more about the show and its characters such as King Joffrey from a private guide who knows all there is to know about the show. Head to the location where Melisandre of Asshai gave birth to a shadow baby and then take in the town of Ballycastle. Take some spectacular shots of Dark Hedges Road and then head across the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. The visit to Giants Causeway is a trip for the true enthusiast.

Giants causeway game of thrones travel

8. A Tour of Ouarzazate, Morocco

This tour will make you realise just how varied the producers were when it came to filming. Game of Thrones Morocco film locations provided a harsh environment – the perfect setting. So why not take in Ouarzazate which became Pentos where Daenerys and Viserys first came across the Dothrakis and Khal Drogo? You will be able to take in the Atlas Film Studio, providing you with a real insight but you can also understand more about how certain films used the same location for shooting.

The impressive Kasbah at Ait Benhaddou

9. Private Tour of Dubrovnnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik offers the ideal setting for many of the scenes in the show and this tour is designed to open up a while new Game of Thrones world. The stunning coastal location is easily recognised as King’s Landing, which is the capital of the realm’s seven kingdoms. Follow in Ayra Stark’s tracks and find the place where she hid from the Lannisters. See the city walls which were attacked by the Baratheon and the Lovrijenac Fortress which you will know from Blackwater Bay. Your guide will provide you with information on characters and talk about the three main families before you arrive back at the Old Town.

Game of Thrones Rectors Palace Dubrovnik

10. Game of Thrones Boat Tour Ireland

This is a tour with a twist because it mixes the magic of the hit show with real history – the Battle of the Boyne. Here you can learn about the Battle of the Boyne but as you paddle a traditional Irish currach, you will learn that you are riding in a boat that was used within the show itself. The guide will give you an insight into the show as they currently work on the show, providing you with even more information about filing and behind-the-scenes gossip.

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