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Game of Thrones Spain

Game of Thrones is over now, but the memory of all those amazing locations where the show was filmed is still fresh and alive in the fans’ memory.  The tourism has been considerably boosted in those countries GOT has been ‘blessing’ with its presence over the last 10 years. Spain played its part as one of the filming locations of Game of Thrones. And the show fans started flooding in…

Here are some of the scenic Spanish locations where Game of Thrones was filmed (just in case you might be in need of some inspiration for your next vacation)!

Game of Thrones Spain – Top Filming Locations

Seville: Real Alcázar de Sevilla

House Martell was a fascinating family that met a tragic end in Game of Thrones, but their home was one of the most beautiful and romantic settings in the series. The Water Gardens and Sunspear, the seat of House Martell, were filmed in Real Alcázar de Sevilla, a Moorish palace complex that made the UNESCO Heritage list in 1987.

In Game of Thrones, the Martells live in a place called Dorne, in a lush region with a strong Mediterranean feel. The gardens at Alcázar palace, known as the Courtyard of the Maidens, make a grand appearance in season 5 as House Martell’s Water Gardens. 

Game of thrones tour seville

Other locations in Seville have also made an appearance in the show. Season 7 began in Astilleros de Sevilla (the Royal Dockyards) and includes scenes shot in the amphitheater of the Roman ruins in Itálica, just outside of Seville.

Game of Thrones Spain – Gaztelugatxe

Gaztelugatxe is an island located in the Bay of Biscay, in the North of Spain, 35 km away from Bilbao. In Game of Thrones, the island doubles as Dragonstone, Daenerys Tragaryen’s home, the place where she had been born during a powerful storm (hence, the name Stormborn).

The name ‘Gazteluagatxe’ translates as ‘Castle Rock’. There is no actual palace on the island, though. The palace we see in the series has been added to the island with he help of a talented digital effects team. But the bridge we saw Daenerys, Tyrion and Jon Snow walk on, is there, and serves as connecting path between the island and the mainland. The pathway takes you all the way to the top of the rock and has 241 steps.

Zumaia: Itzurun Beach

While the palace of Dragonstone was imagined to stand on the Gaztelugatxe island, the beach of Dragostone was, in fact, the Itzurun Beach, a beautiful, scenic place located outside a town called Zumaia, in the Guipuzcoa province.

Zumaia - Itzurun Beach

Navarra: Bardenas Reales Natural Park

The Dothrakis were some of my favorite people in Game of Thrones (I have to admit, mainly because of Khal Drogo). In the series, we see the Dothrakis living a nomadic life somewhere, in a semi-deserted area called the Dothraki Sea.

Navarra - Bardenas Reales Natural Park

In the 6th season, Daenerys is found and held captive by a Dothraki tribe, and the place where all that happens is the Bardenas Reales Natural Park in Navarra. The vast planes covered with green grass have an almost unreal, unearthly look, and they were an amazing backdrop for many scenes in season 6.

Osuna: Plaza de Toros

The bull ring in Osuna, a small town in Andalusia, was the backdrop of an important scene in season 5. It was here that we see Daenerys climbing on the back of her dragon, Drogon, for the very first time, in an attempt to escape Mereen. The scene involves a lot of dramatic fighting, and a certain number of stuntmen had to be put on fire for it. And, just like that, Osuna stopped being just another Spanish town. 

Osuna: Plaza de Toros

Game of Thrones – Córdoba

More than one location in Córdoba were used in Game of Thrones. One of them was the Roman Bridge, a beautiful structure first built in the 1st century BC, and reconstructed in the 8th century. In the series, the Roman Bridge of Córdoba doubled for the Long Bridge of Volantis. The bridge was made to appear much longer on the screen and several buildings were added to it with the help of CGI (computer-generated imagery) technology.

Game of Thrones Spain - Cordoba

The stunning home of the wealthy House Tyrell is actually a castle of Muslim origin located in the Córdoba region, in a town called Almodóvar del Rio. It is this castle that in the 7th season is being seized and taken by the Lannister army, and it is here where Lady Olena of House Tyrell finds her dignified end.

Game of Thrones Spain – Almería

The South east of Spain and, more exactly, a region called Almería, served as the backdrop for several scenes that depicted the Dothraki Sea. While the Tabernas Desert welcomed the Dothraki tents and horses, the Alcazaba fortress of Almería was used to depict parts of the Water Gardens, the home of House Martell of Dorne.

Torre de Mesa Roldán

Part of Meereen was also filmed in the area, in the Torre de Mesa Roldán, located in the Cabo de Gata Natural Park.

Game of Thrones Spain – Girona

This Cataloñian medieval city appeared in several scenes of Game of Thrones. It is on the streets of Girona where, in the 6th season, Arya is being chased by the Waif (who was very serious about trying to kill her). The fight was filmed taking place on the city’s Bisbe Cartana street, as well as in the city’s well-preserved 12th century Arab baths.

Game of Thrones Spain - Arab Baths of Girona
Game of Thrones Spain – Arab Baths of Girona

Girona Cathedral also made an appearance in the show as the Great Sept of Baelor, the largest building in King’s Landing and the place Cercei burns down with wildfire. Of course, the explosion did not happen in real life, and the cathedral is still standing.

More Girona Game of Thrones locations.

Barcelona: Castell de Santa Florentina

This 11th century Medieval castle located outside Barcelona doubled as House Tarly’s home castle, Horn Hill. It’s one of the best Castles in Spain. Believe it or not, someone is the owner of this amazing property. Castell de Santa Florentina is open to the public on Saturdays and some Sundays. Otherwise, you may need an appointment to visit!

Game of Thrones - Castell de Santa Florentina

Guadalajara: Castillo de Zafra

This beautiful Medieval fortress made several appearances in season 6 as the Tower of Joy, which, in the series, was supposedly located in the Northern part of Dorne. In the series, the Tower of Joy appears mainly in Bran Stark’s visions as he watches a younger version of his father in action.

Guadalajara: Castillo de Zafra


This town located in the Castellón region of Spain, was used as the backdrop for several scenes that depicted areas of Meereen, the largest city in Slaver’s Bay. 

Game of Thrones Spain - Peniscola

Well, Spain inspired the Game of Thrones producers a lot, it seems. The attention was well deserved, however. If you have been to Spain before, you probably saw the wealth of beautiful landscape the country has to offer. And if you are a Game of Thrones fan, now you have even more reasons to visit Spain. 

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