Here’s why Sibenik should be on your Game of Thrones Bucket List!

Sibenik Game of Thrones

There’s a lot for you to see and do when you visit Sibenik. It’s a filming location for Game of Thrones and is located in Croatia. This historical city is accessible from Split Airport, which is located 56 km away. However, you have a couple of other transport options available.

For visitors to the area who don’t want to fork out for a rental vehicle, the best bet is to catch a bus from the airport to Trogir. These run every 20-30 minutes and cost 13 kuna, which is the local currency. From there, you’ll want to get a bus from Trogir to Sibenik. This can cost around 30-40 kuna depending on where you book from. When in doubt, look up prices and times for travel beforehand.

Sibenik Game of Thrones Filming Sites

So the question you’re going to want to know is “which episodes from the show were filmed in the area?”. Well, Sibenik is known for being the city of Braavos, which features in Season 5. St James Cathedral in the town is also used, serving as the location of the Iron Bank. You might recognise it as being the location where Arya Stark followed two characters while they talked about repayments of the crown’s considerable debt.

Sibenik Game of Thrones

A History of Sibenik

So, let’s take a look at the history of Sibenik and how it’s developed as a city. The area is unique because unlike most settlements along the coast, which were formed by Greeks or Romans, Sibenik was made by people native to Croatia.

The city spent a considerable amount of time in the 11th and 12th centuries being passed from one force to the next, with Venice and Hungary being just two of the countries who owned the area. The city has seen conflict in its life, being witness to things like the Cretan War, the fall of the Republic of Venice, and occupation by foreign entities during World War I and World War II.

The most recent battle that the city saw is the Croatian war of independence, which took place between 1991 and 1995. The city was subject to several attacks and conflicts were fought in its grounds, which left substantial damage to many areas.

However, August 1995 saw the attacking Serbian forces repelled by the Croatian army, which finally took the fighting away from the area, and gave the city a chance to rebuild. Since then, all the damage to the city has been repaired, and it now serves as both an exciting place to visit from a tourist perspective, as well as a filming location for Game of Thrones.

The modern incarnation of the city serves as a tourist destination now, with the earlier conflicts now nothing more than a distant memory, and a fully established society which thrives on visitors and maintains a whimsical charm which makes it a prime holiday destination. Many come to see the iconic locations from the show, but fall in love with the beautiful sights and warm atmosphere.

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