Fort Manoel Game of Thrones Filming Location

Fort Manoel Island

Fort Manoel is an incredible place with ties to Game of Thrones. The show may have just recently come to an end, but it’s still as popular as ever. Located in Malta, Fort Manoel is a star fort, which takes its name from the way in which it was constructed – people who looked from it at height would notice the shape.

Fort Manoel

Getting to Fort Manoel

If you want to be able to visit the fort for yourself, you’re going to want to head over to Gżira. From there, you will need to head over to the northern side of the city to make sure you’re in the right place. There’s a couple of different ways to reach this stunning location. You can drive, which takes around 6 minutes, there’s the Line 13 bus, which costs between £1 and £3, or there’s the ferry, which will take you 15 minutes in comparison to the bus’ 10, and costs on average £2.

The place is a World Heritage Site, so when the fort is open to the public, you will find that it requires no cost to get in. Getting there is easy enough. It’s stop #18 on the Blue Route, and is between £1 and £3 on average.

Ties to the Iron Throne

As you might expect from such a beautiful and traditional location, there are prominent ties to the Game of Thrones universe and one episode in particular.

If you can cast your mind back to Season 1, you’ll remember that the ninth episode was called “Baelor”. You’ll find that this location offered the setting for the climax of the event where Ned Stark met his end, following his confession. Naturally, it made the entire episode famous in the area, and many people still flock to see the locale and stand where the characters stood.

Fort Manoel

Top Travel Tips

The fort itself is an exciting location to visit, but there are a few travel tips that we can recommend to get the most from your experience.

There are many events throughout the year when the entire fort is open to the public, and you would be wise to synchronise your visit to fully experience as much as you can without having to pay for any entry cast. Several smaller tours are operating in and around the fort, which can be an exciting experience for the seasoned fan of the show. You should also time your trip to make use of the public transportation which is available, unless you fancy a walk through the area to get to the fort itself.

We would recommend putting aside 2 to 3 hours to properly look around the area and appreciate all of its many charms. We understand that the entire city can be fascinating, but it really does pay off, in the end, to put aside that extra time. Many people who have done so often talk about how they leave with a renewed appreciation for the architecture and design of the fort, and at the same time a deeper connection to the atmosphere and links to Game of Thrones.

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